Ethic Certification

Growing a Workforce Ready to Meet the Future

Employers tell us they consider work ethic skills among the top most important characteristics to look for in a potential employee.

The Governor's Work Ethic Certification Program helps prepare, place and develop a young workforce that has the skills needed to contribute and succeed in a challenging, 21st Century global marketplace. Participating students may be suited for the industrial or manufacturing labor market – or for further education.

Work Ethic Helps Employers By:

  • Identifying students who the demonstrate nine characteristics that are essential to succeeding in today’s industrial, manufacturing, and other labor markets.
  • Using a common, identifiable metric to assess students’ strength in these nine criteria.
  • Serving as a filter for selecting job candidates and filling jobs.
  • Providing a Work Ethic Certificate to program graduates as documentation of their earned credentials.

Partnering with Schools & Employers

The Work Ethic program engages area companies who advocate the program as sponsors and advisors in their communities. We also encourage companies and organizations to help support our Work Ethic goals by hiring Work Ethic Program graduates.

How can Employers Support the Work Ethic Program?

  • Give job interview priority to young people who have earned the Work Ethic Certificate.
  • Partner with schools who have implemented the Work Ethic program by participating in activities such as tours, job shadowing, internships, speaking engagements and Certificate ceremonies.
  • Promote the program among peers and the community through work related events.
  • For more information, contact [email protected]