Benefits to Students Who Earn Work Ethic Certificate

  • Recognition for earning a certificate signed by the Governor of Indiana and the Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development
  • Students begin employment with good work ethic skills, enhancing their value as employees
  • Opportunity to model work ethic components to others
  • Higher-level preparation for demands of the 21st Century workforce and/or higher education
  • Opportunity to utilize the certificate on resumes, on college applications and at job interviews

Benefits to Teachers / Instructors / Mentors

  • Building positive relationships with participating students
  • Developing more motivated, attentive and purposeful students

Benefits to Employers

  • A means to acquire employees who demonstrate desirable work and study habits
  • Student evaluations based on a common, identifiable metric of work habits
  • Employees who demonstrate a commitment to growing personal and work skills
  • Documentation of earned credentials measuring skills, abilities and commitment to work